11 August 2023

Stage 3 has a blast at camp!

Stage 3 has a blast at camp!

During Week 3, Stage 3 students and teachers were blessed with amazing weather and wonderful fellowship opportunities during their school camp at Wedderburn Christian Campsite.

Students spent time enjoying God's creation and the many activities that Wedderburn had to offer. Within an hour of arrival at the campground, Stage 3 were zipping through the treetops on the flying fox, clambering up the “Crate Climb” and learning about bush tucker while spotting a koala or two!

At the end of the first day, our Principal Mr Hutton shared a devotion before campers enjoyed a bonfire (with marshmallows) along with a highly competitive game of Pictionary.

On the second day, students awoke to another beautiful day and a delicious breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup. Stage 3 students raced around the BMX track and were engaged in some team building initiative games.

Campers really pushed themselves to their limits on the "Leap of Faith" activity. Students climbed up an 11-metre pole to reach a small platform. They paused for a moment to soak up the treetop views, took a deep breath and made a leap of faith off the platform, reaching out for a hanging ball. This activity was certainly a highlight for many students! 

During camp, our students were provided with a safe and caring environment and had opportunities to be challenged outside of their comfort zones. From team challenges to spiritual reflections during "Time Alone With God" (TAWG) sessions, every moment during camp was a step towards growth and rich connection as a group.

I would like to thank the following staff for joining Stage 3 Camp: Mr Hutton, Mrs O’Doherty, Mrs Munoz, Miss Mannisto, Mr Walker and Mr Thorn. The time you each took to contribute in such a vital way to the Stage 3 camping experience was greatly appreciated.

It was a privilege to take Stage 3 students away to camp and to see the personal growth in each child.

I am already keen to start planning our next Stage 3 camp!


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