08 August 2023

Prep's annual visit from the Rural Fire Service

Prep's annual visit from the Rural Fire Service

On Tuesday 8 August, Prep welcomed our annual visit from the Rural Fire Service.

Firefighter Bea and Firefighter Kevin arrived first and conducted a fire safety talk with the Prep children.

They discussed the difference between good and bad fires and talked about matches being tools not toys.

The firefighters showed the children smoke detectors and explained the need to discuss with their families where the family meeting point is if the smoke detector goes off. They suggested that the letterbox is a good meeting point.

Firefighter Kevin dressed up in the clothes that he wears to fight a bushfire and then showed the children how the uniform is a little different if he is at a house fire. He wanted to reassure all of the children that he looks different but is not scary and explained that they should not hide if there is a fire at their house.

Before long, Firefighter Josh arrived in the Calderwood Rural Fire Service Truck. All of the very excited Prep children climbed up the ladder to take their turn to sit inside the fire truck. After leaving the truck, they donned their firefighter shirt and squirted the fire hose.

Prep would like to thank our volunteer firefighters for teaching us how to be safe if there is a fire and for letting us explore the fire truck.

Mrs Trudi Oliver

Prep Director


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