10 December 2021

Farewell to departing staff

Farewell to departing staff

As the end of the school year arrives, with it comes our sad duty of farewelling much-loved staff members as they go on to new roles and new stages of life.

Some of these valued members of our teaching team have been with us only a short time. Others have made Calderwood Christian School their home for much or all of their careers. All of them have made an impact on our school, and we wish them well and thank them gratefully for their contributions to our community.

Mrs Sian Barnes

Mrs Sian Barnes is the longest serving teacher at Calderwood, having commenced in 1992 when the school was known as Tongarra Christian School.

At the end of this year, Mrs Barnes will have served the school for 29 years. In that time the school has been known as Tongarra Christian School, Illawarra Christian School (Tongarra Campus) and Calderwood Christian School!

Commencing in her role when she was one of only two teachers at the school, she taught for part of the time in the old stone church at All Saints Anglican Church in Albion Park.

Mrs Barnes has taught every grade from Kindergarten to Year 6, both single-grade and composite classes, some while maintaining various leadership positions including Prep-Year 2 Coordinator, Prep-4 Coordinator and Head of Junior School.

We are so grateful for her desire to continue to serve our Calderwood community as she transitions into the role of Teacher Aide in 2022.

Mrs Joanna Hann

Mrs Joanna Hann joined our Calderwood community at the start of 2021 as a Teacher’s Aide in the Junior School. Her care and support for all children quickly won the hearts of parents and children alike. Mrs Hann concludes her season at Calderwood to commence a teaching position at Illawarra Christian School. We wish her all the very best as she moves into this new role.

Mr Timothy Kime

Mr Timothy Kime returned to Australia from Hope International School in Cambodia at the beginning of 2021 to join our Calderwood community.

We are so grateful for his contributions to Year 5 and the Junior School. Mr Kime will no doubt be remembered for his passion for his class, his leadership of the Junior School Cricket team and his innovative online lessons. We wish to express our thanks and best wishes to Mr Kime as he joins the teaching team at Southern Highlands Christian School in 2022.

Mr Greg Maina

Mr Greg Maina has faithfully served Calderwood for over 26 years, having begun in January 1995 in a Teacher/Coordinator role.

Mr Maina has lovingly cared for a variety of different classes and fulfilled various roles, including Middle School Coordinator, overseeing the transition of students into Senior School.

He generously transitioned to a part-time role this year to continue his service for the school.

Mr Maina will be remembered for his passion for the students, his gentleness and loving kindness and of course, surfing and storytelling! He leaves behind a wonderful legacy of Christian teaching.

We wish him all the very best as he formally retires at the conclusion of 2021.

Mrs Heather Morton

This year marks the 25th year of service to the Calderwood community for Mrs Heather Morton. She commenced with Tongarra Christian School in a voluntary capacity at the All Saints Anglican Church site in Albion Park. Mrs Morton assisted the only teacher and single class of 12-15 students.

Following a break from the school, Mrs Morton returned to Tongarra Christian School in 1996 as a full-time employee teaching a Year 3/4 class. Mrs Morton has taught from one end of the Junior School spectrum to the other.

She leaves an incredible legacy of faithfulness, service, and an insatiable passion for education. Mrs Morton will be remembered for her selfless attention to detail, her generosity, and of course, her incredible Book Week costumes.

Her time of service will come to an end at the conclusion of 2021. We pray for God's continued blessing on her retirement.

Mr Brad Ratcliffe

Mr Brad Ratcliffe has been a valued member of our Calderwood Junior School Learning Support Team.

Along with the wonderful assistance he has given to students and staff in this area, he has also keenly shared his love of all things digital with our school community. Notable contributions include acting as our absent-minded, Professor Von Vonarhan in Science Week, supporting Stage 3 as they develop their knowledge of various apps and working with students and our green screen.

Mr Ratcliffe leaves us to join Emmaus Christian School in Canberra.

Mrs Melinda Sharpe

Mrs Melinda Sharpe will conclude her season with Calderwood at the end of this year. She has been instrumental in providing stability and certainty for the Middle and Senior School at Calderwood for three years.

Mrs Sharpe hit the ground running in 2019 and hasn't stopped running since! Her explicit devotion to her Lord and Saviour, and her passion for young people is contagious. She is looking forward to spending more time with her family and sharing a caring role for her mother next year.

We are so grateful for Mrs Sharpe's leadership, her professionalism and devotion. She will be missed by parents, students, and staff alike. We wish her all the best at the end of an amazing three years.


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