11 November 2021

Departing reflections

Departing reflections

It has been such a joy to work with the wonderful community of Calderwood Christian School.

I have witnessed the incredible impact a Christ-centred school can make on the lives of students and their families. Our school is unique not only in its beautiful grounds, but in its ambience. There is a peace and a warmth clearly evident at Calderwood. The camaraderie and welcome of students and staff make for an energising environment.

The Middle and Senior School team is experienced, dedicated and passionate about transforming young lives and fostering a culture of serving others. Together we have sought to teach and nurture our students, weaving threads of Christ in all that we do. The team enthusiastically models the school values of honour, service, perseverance and faithfulness in their practice and seek to develop these in our students. I take great delight in hearing beautiful stories of the transformation and impact on the broader community as students venture into further education and the workforce. It has been such a delight to be a part of this team.

I have found the Senior Executive Team to be dynamic and innovative with a genuine passion for Calderwood. I have relished working with such a visionary and close-knit team, who seek excellence in all that they do. It has been a privilege to share not only our working lives but a common faith, and to have the opportunity every day to encourage our young people to follow Christ.

This is a fabulous time for Calderwood. The stage is set for the next exciting chapter, and I look forward to hearing the many stories that are yet to be told. It has been an absolute pleasure to work at Calderwood Christian School.

Mrs Melinda Sharpe

Outgoing Head of Middle and Senior School


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