22 March 2024

CRU FIT Comes to Calderwood

CRU FIT Comes to Calderwood

On Friday, March 22, Calderwood Christian School welcomed almost 60 students from 5 schools to our annual CRU-FIT event! 

Calderwood was excited to be able to offer this unique leadership training opportunity to members of our Junior School Leadership Team and our CRU leaders.

CRU® FIT (Followers in Training) is an event teaching Christian leadership skills to Stage 3 students from schools around NSW and ACT. 

The CRU Schools Ministry team ran electives on the day to teach the students practical and creative ways to be holy at home, at school and within their CRU Groups, these included: 

  • – Growing students in personal holiness
  • – Helping students be holy as they lead CRU Groups
  • – Ideas to help CRU Groups grow in holiness

We are thankful to God that we can share the good news of the gospel at Calderwood Christian School and that our students have opportunities for servant leadership as they grow in their Christ-likeness. 

Mrs Rachel Deck 

Upper Junior School Coordinator (3-6) 
Leader of Teacher Innovation and Learning (K-12)


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