23 February 2023

Charleigh goes to uni!

Charleigh goes to uni!

In January this year, one of our Year 11 students, Charleigh Kirton, went to university for three weeks. Why would she give up three weeks of her Christmas holidays to do such a thing? We asked her for more information.

Charleigh says:

During the Christmas holidays, I was able to go to the University of Wollongong to complete a summer course - SMAH001: Introduction To Uni Sciences. This three-week course focused on Biology, Chemistry and Earth and Environmental Sciences. I completed a range of sessions such as skill classes, mentor sessions, lectures, workshops, practicals, a field trip, and social events. Through these courses, I learnt lots of new information that built upon the Preliminary and HSC coursework. 

Why did you choose to give up 2.5 weeks of your holidays?

I had decided to take the course offer and sacrifice time from my holidays as the course presented me with an opportunity to explore subjects that I enjoy at  university level. 

Was it worth the sacrifice and why?

It was definitely worth this sacrifice as I was able to talk with mentors, lecturers and demonstrators about how they got into their positions, what courses are taught at UOW, and how I could personalise my study to get to where I want to go. Plus, if I study a Bachelor of Science at UOW I will get credit for one semester long subject. 

I also get a guaranteed interview for Early Admission.

How do you feel about going to uni now compared to how you felt before?

I was hesitant about going to a massive university knowing that there would be nobody in my class that I knew, however, over the course I was able to make solid connections with people who have the same interests as me. The course allowed me to have a solid idea of what I need to achieve in Year 12, and gave me a clear guide to how the uni programs work, reducing stress about the HSC. I feel more confident about going to university knowing that UOW is eager to work with Year 12 students in various ways to offer multiple pathways so that students can achieve what they want to do. 

Would you recommend that students in Year 11 do a similar course at the end of this year?

I strongly recommend doing the UOW Summer Master Classes in your desired field. It gives a brief yet thorough taste of the course set at uni levels, and the master classes allow for you to grow skills necessary for the HSC. It also provides extensive amounts of information on the UOW programs and post-school opportunities. 



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