25 October 2023

Calderwood students explore a world of Work Experience opportunities

Calderwood students explore a world of Work Experience opportunities

Throughout the course of 2023, students in Years 9-12 have participated in a number of different work experience opportunities within varying industries.

Secondary School Careers Advisor Mrs Dianne Gillett provides an update on the extensive range of available opportunities our students have been exploring.

An interactive experience at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment

During the last week of Term 3, four students from Year 10 completed 5 days of learning and industry experience at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). This academy runs weekly workshops where students are taught the foundational skills required to design computer games.

Our students were thrilled to be able to using state-of-the-art, industry-standard computers and programs. They spent the week travelling up to Ultimo on the train and enjoyed the challenges set before them each day. The students have also gained valuable skills before commencing Multimedia in Year 11.

Uriah said: "It was really great and enjoyable! We made character models on a program called Maya, and learned to animate them to move. It was really great to see what we had made be completed. We also started to make an objective game on a program called Unreal Engine, where we created a landscape and a house. Everything was really fun and it was a great opportunity.”

Samuel said: "It was great! We learned how to model and design 3D characters, and worked on making a game."

Lachlan and Reilly also attended, and their parents said they were highly motivated and excited by the opportunity.

This Work Experience opportunity is open to students in Years 10 and 11. Please contact Mrs Dianne Gillett if you wish to express interest in this opportunity.

Nicholas completes a holiday Work Experience placement as a surveyor

During the second week of the holidays, Nicholas travelled by train to Tamworth to complete a Work experience placement at Hanlons Consulting as a surveyor. Nicholas had a great week working outdoors, surveying farms and uploading the information to the computer systems and working with CAD (computer-aided design).

Nicholas's supervisors were very impressed with his level of skill and his ability to work independently, so gave him lots of responsibility over the week. Nicholas was able to build on his previous Work Experience in Town Planning in Year 10, and he is more committed than ever in pursuing this as a career.

Students will be supported to complete Work Experience during the school holidays – so get out there and find your Work Experience opportunities.

Transition Work Experience at Havenwood Tiny Homes

If students would like to transition from school to work before completing their HSC, Calderwood is willing to support them in transition Work Experience placement.

Micaiah is currently completing Work Experience 1 day per week during Term 4 at Havenwood Tiny Homes, preparing himself for future application as a Carpentry Apprentice.

Hair and Beauty Workshops at the South Coast Academy

Year 9 student Mariah is keen on pursuing a career as a hairdresser. So far, she has completed a series of Thursday nights of Work Experience at Deja Vu Hair in Dapto, and recently attended a full-day workshop at the South Coast Academy (SCA) in Shellharbour, where she participated in a hands-on workshop learning to wash, dry and style hair during the morning. 

Tahlia joined Mariah at the SCA workshop, and in the afternoon, they learned how to shape and colour brows and tried their hand at eyelash extensions. This workshop was paid for by the NSW Government organised through the Regional Industry Education Partnerships program (REIP).

Career Immersion Day in the equine industry

Earlier this year, Year 9 student Mikayla attended a Career Immersion Day. More recently, her peer Willow also had the opportunity to participate in this REIP-sponsored program.

The girls were exposed to the careers available at the Kembla Grange Race Track, before travelling up to the Southern Highlands to explore the Silverdale Horse Stud.





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