04 December 2023

Calderwood announced as a winner of the ANU Stem Box Program!

Calderwood announced as a winner of the ANU Stem Box Program!

For the second year running, Calderwood has been named one of seven winners in the Australian National University's STEM Box Program!

To celebrate National Science Week (12-20 August 2023), the Mathematics faculty participated in the Australian National University STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) box program.

The STEM boxes include activities prepared by ANU academics in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Health & Medicine.

Calderwood was fortunate to secure a box given they were distributed to schools across Australia including rural, regional, and remote schools.

At Calderwood, Maths classes from Years 7-9 participated in a variety of challenges. The main challenge attempted by all classes was the Marshmallow Tower Challenge, where students had to build the tallest tower using marshmallows and spaghetti. Photos of our students undertaking the activities were sent to the ANU as part of a national contest.

It is a pleasure to announce that for the second year running, Calderwood was named one of the seven winning classes nationally! This is an exciting and wonderful achievement by our students given the number of schools across Australia that were involved.

Thank you and congratulations to our students who enthusiastically participated in these STEM activities. Students and teachers will each receive a certificate for their win, and the school has received a rocket launcher as a prize.

Mrs Christine Bartley

Mathematics Coordinator


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