20 January 2022

5 tips for starting high school

5 tips for starting high school

Things are about to get really exciting now that you have graduated from Junior School and are starting your High School adventure! There will be new teachers, students, subjects, and opportunities. We know these changes will take a little getting used to, so we have put together our top 5 tips to help you start Year 7 well.


1. Get organised 

Create a space at home where you will be able to do your homework with minimal distractions. Use it to keep all of your important things together, like all of the stationery and books that you need, any electronic devices, a copy of your timetable, and a planner to write down any assignments or special events coming up. Have a spot in your room where you keep your uniform, hat, bag, charger etc. so that you can easily find things. Packing your bag each night before school means you are less likely to forget things, and it makes the mornings much less stressful!

2. Create a routine that works for you

Having the same routine each afternoon means that you are less likely to make excuses to avoid doing your homework! Unpack your bag, have a quick snack, check your diary and get a good start on your homework before dinner. You will find that this actually gives you some 'me' time most evenings to chill out and do things that you enjoy. Don’t forget to include any sporting or creative after-school activities in your afternoon routine. 

3. Take charge of your learning

The key to succeeding in high school is taking charge of your own learning. You are responsible for writing your homework and assignments in your diary, for checking which days you need special equipment like sports clothes, art supplies or tech equipment, and for using your timetable to ensure you get to the right classes each day. The step up to high school gives you the opportunity to practise being independent. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask lots of questions! 

4. Look after yourself and your things

Make sure you start the day with a good breakfast, pack enough food and drink for the day, and try to get at least eight hours sleep at night. Poor diet and sleep can make it very hard to concentrate and learn. Don’t forget to look after your things too! Use your locker to keep any text books or other equipment both safe and accessible. Check your timetable each afternoon before you leave school so that you can take home any books that you might need for homework, and store anything that you won’t need so that your bag isn’t too heavy.

5. Embrace the change 

Going to high school can be both exciting and scary! Change is often hard at first, but there are so many great things to look forward to. There will be new people to meet, exciting and fun new subjects to learn, and lots of different activities and leadership roles available for you to try. This is your chance to start motivating yourself and relying less on your parents.

Take this opportunity to develop your skills and passions - to use the unique gifts that God has given each one of you for your self growth and for the encouragement of those around you!

Ms Rebecca McIntosh

School Psychologist



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